astrology The spotlight is going to be shining on you! That means that the time to emerge from the shadows and shine is now ! You need to take the risk of putting yourself out there and letting your qualities shine through. And God knows that you have more than enough of them! What’s more, you’re going enjoy the benefits of Jupiter’s protection, which should put good luck on your side during this entire period. Everything is going to start to come to you easily: opportunities, abilities and providential assistance. The Sun will be shining steadily and directly on you during this entire week. So take advantage of it!

astrology signs Mars, the God of energy, is going to be giving you a boost. But be careful not to get too nervous. If you sense that you’re getting shaky, make sure to set aside some time to relax. Go to bed early and get some rest instead of letting your worries keep you up through the night. There’s no harm in being good to yourself… as the saying goes: a little of what you fancy does you good. tarot cards In this configuration, Uranus and Neptune should motivate you to start practicing a regular physical activity. Doing this will give you a deep feeling of well-being, because by rebalancing your body you are simultaneously restoring balance to your psyche. A healthy spirit inside of a healthy body: that should be your motto for this week.